Hair Loss? Here is list of all products you should use!

Hair fall is common problem in this era. We can see most women have problems of hair fall, damaged hair, split ends & less volume. The main problem behind this problem is the environment, pollution and lifestyle these days. To get any solution for problem, we should first see the root cause of problems. Here, I am going to tell the solutions to the problems of hair.


One of the major problem of hair is hair fall . There could be many reasons for hair fall. Here is a list of hair fall problems, their symptoms, cause and solution.

  • POLLUTION : In cities, the hair have to bear so much. Oil, dirt and other particles in air enters in our head and stick to scalp. This pollution leads to hair fall a lot if not properly taken care.
  • EATING HABITS : Today we all have developed bad eating habits. We have no proper time of dinner/lunch/breakfast. You remember when we were kids and used to go to school. We used to have our food on time and our skin, hair everything was just perfect. Therefore, good eating habits is one of the major cause of hair damage.
  • DIETING : Everyone today want to look lean, slim and fit. But this doesn’t mean you skip your meals and eat less. Please remember your body needs everything. Food is necessity.
  • CHEMICALS : Chemicals are always our enemy. There are so many commercials for chemical products and we make ourselves convinced to purchase them. This is another reason for hair damage.
  • LIFESTYLE : Unbalanced/poor lifestyle is another reason for hair damage. Less sleep, stress can be major enemy for our beautiful hair.
  • STYLING : Using various hair styling tools such hair hair straightener, hair perming tool and various others are not friends to our friends. Avoid styling tools as much you can. Rebonding, smoothing is also another reason for hair damage.
  • MEDICATION : If you are taking some kind of antibiotics, they can also be the reason of hair fall.


  • SELECT YOUR PRODUCTS : First select your products. It is a myth that you should change your shampoo every six months. This should be done for 2-3 times so that you can make a decision on which product is best for you.
  • DEFINE YOUR TIME : Hair was time also play a big role. It seems everyone washes their hair in morning or day time. Try washing your hair at night. You will see a drastic change in your hair quality if you wash hair at night. It has another benefit, in morning you will not have to spend lot of time washing and drying your hair. Also, you will have no need to use hair dryer. You can leave them open and let them dry naturally.
  • FIND YOUR OIL : Oiling is must. I see many girls including me leave oiling hair in college time. But after college I started oiling again & I see my hair became better.
  • TAKE EXTRA CARE : Yes, Extra care!! Hair need it. Always use satin pillow covers to sleep on. Be gentle and don’t tie them high and tight. Keep them loose and easy peasy to enjoy fresh air. Hair needs breathing space too.
  • FINALIZE YOUR PLACE : Finalizing place means the place you are living. The native place will never be bad for you but for our studies and jobs most of girls/boys leave their home and live outside in metropolitan cities. See a place where greenery is there and water quality is good. Hard water is biggest problem. To be honest, hard water has no remedy or products. Only way is use water softener.
  • SALOON TIME : You should go to saloon once in a month for sure. Take hair spa; hair need it too. Always have haircut. Haircut helps avoiding split ends and this is good for overall your hair look.


  • SHAMPOO : For Oily Hair, you can choose Mama Earth Tea Tree Shampoo For normal to dry skin you can use Mama Earth Argan Shampoo. Please apply as mentioned above. There are some more shampoos you can use. I prefer Tresemme & Head & Shoulders. Personally, I emphasize you to go with natural products as they have less side effects on your hair and scalp.
  • OIL : For normal to dry hair you have so many options. As per me mustard oil is all time great for your hair nourishment. You can opt for coconut oil too. This is best for hair & it provides strength to hair. Fea people don’t like aroma of coconut oil, so you can go with Almond hair oil. People with oily scalp should go with Bringadi Hair oil.
  • CONDITIONER : I will not recommend a separate hair conditioner. Please opt for same brand conditioner of which you are using the shampoo.
  • STEAM : You might have heard steaming is not good for your hair. But this is not correct. Steaming your hair is really great but extensive steaming can be harmful. You should steam your hair in affordable price at home too. You can steam your hair once in a week. Try this Querinkle hair steamer.
  • HENNA : No wonder Henna is best natural colour. We should avoid hair colouring until it’s really not required. Neha mehandi is always henna that is used by our grandmothers. I found a modern version of Organic Henna. You can opt for it too.
  • HAIR COLOUR : I personally not recommend you to use any hair colour.

I hope all of above detailings will help you. If you want me to write on different hairstyle to make it easier to manage your hair.

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NOTE: All products are recommended after usage on my own hair. They can behave differently for different hair types.

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